I’m Rohan.

I’m a researcher, fact-checker, and writer with 5+ years of experience. You can usually find me in Brooklyn, New York, but I’m occasionally in London, Medellín, or elsewhere. You can always find me at montroro@gmail.com.

In 2022 I interned at The New Republic in NYC and In These Times in Chicago. At both publications I fact-checked, copy edited, transcribed, and wrote almost 100 articles on a wide range of topics, from methadone clinics to housing projects to strikes to nuclear weapons to—well, you get the idea. If you need an efficient, diligent fact-checker, reach out to me at the email above.

I also researched, wrote, and presented a report on Gustavo Petro’s first few months in office for BBC Radio 4.

Before that, I was editor-in-chief of the Cambridge Globalist, which was the University of Cambridge’s largest student-run international affairs journal. I was a member of the inaugural “Legacies of Slavery” research team at St. Catharine’s College, worked with board members of Theatre for a Change to locate and vet potential microfinancial partners, and helped the Cambridge Democrats Abroad record the highest per-capita increase in membership of any DA chapter.

I’ve also delivered hundreds of search engine optimized articles for satisfied clients, focusing on the tech niche. If you need concise copy done quick, drop me a message.

In my spare time, I play tennis, make music, go on long walks, and dream up ideas for zines with my friends. (Watch this space…)

Right now, I’m working on a few investigative articles for publications in the U.S. and UK; delivering SEO copy for multiple tech and B2B clients; and preparing for Spanish language school. Que Chimba vida!

(I also made this site in WordPress.)